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Electronic Services – what electronic services may I use when I was or I am insured under Slovak law ?

  • Saldokonto (Ledger) – you paid or are paying social insurance premiums, you can check the status of your payments of this service. You can also check the amount of premium you have to pay.
  • Insuree’s Individual Account – in this service you can get an overview for the previous calendar year, that indicated how much you had to pay and how much you have paid. If you are currently an employee or you have previously been an employee, you can check whether your employer has paid insurance premiums for you and how much. The above information is primarily intended for calculating the pension benefit.

In order to use the mentioned electronic services, the your personal visit is necessary, to a branch of the Social Insurance Agency. Based on the submitted ID Card or Passport and after signing an agreement on the use of electronic services, you will be given a access card (GRID) that will allow you access to the service.